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Dreams that came true

To undertake in Brazil is a great challenge because of the many barriers that exist and all the complexity that the market action demands. That is why the history of the Amazon Brazil Group is proud because it was born only of the will and determination of its founders and today it is the leading company in the processing and distribution of Chestnut-do-Pará in the national market.

Ricardo Santos de Rosa and Ana Paula Denardi, CEOs of the group, were responsible for this expansion and solidity that for 20 years designed the market for nuts in the country, expanding this activity also in the international market, taking our brazil nuts to the American continent, Asia , European and also in the region of the United Arab Emirates.

At this point the experience and pioneering of Ricardo was fundamental. He has always worked with distribution in supermarket chains and was a pioneer in introducing new products in large networks, such as acerola. This business vision and entrepreneurial profile made Ricardo identify a demand of great potential. Many of his buyers asked for Chestnut, but Ricardo had difficulty finding the right product of the right quality to offer. In this way, he decided to understand the whole process of nuts, to find this product and to market it.

He traveled to Pará, made partnerships and, always working together with the local communities, managed to expand the business and make this product available to the final consumer. With the increase in the supply, there was a need for smaller packaging by supermarkets and retailers. Thus, in the year 2000 was born the first brand of the group: FRUTNUT, which offers chestnut-do-Pará, cashew nuts and also dried fruits. Today, the group has 5 brands, in addition to making own brands (Private Label).

From then on the expansion was the consequence of serious and responsible work. Because the company has always acted with commitment, in an honest, ethical way and being concerned with collaborating with society. Today, Amazon Brazil Group has three units, a modern manufacturing plant in the state of Pará and a logistics distribution center in the city of São Paulo, as well as an office in Portugal to assist the Group's exports.

The Company, which started with only 3 people, now has 340 jobs per harvest and indirectly this number can reach more than 1,000 people. Currently, a new and modern manufacturing unit is being built in São Paulo, which will greatly increase our logistics and production capacity to deliver even more quality and health to our consumers.

And so we have designed the AMAZON BRAZIL GROUP trajectory, constantly improving and innovating in processes and people so that our values ​​are shared with society through our products.

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